Timotheos Mylonas, founder of the firm, was born in Zante (Zakynthos Island) in 1939.  He was graduated from Athens Law School in 1963, and has been a member of the Athens Bar Association since 1967.  Since then he has been practicing law by representing clients before various Courts (civil, criminal, administrative), as well as engaging in contract law, covering the entire spectrum of the so-called "law in practice" (see fields of specialisation).

Maria Mylona was born in Athens.  She entered Thrace Law School in 1994, and was graduated in 2001. She has been a member of the Athens Bar Association since 2002, and enjoys an excellent reputation for her knowledge of English, French, as well as a workable knowledge of Spanish.  She is an expert in the fields in which the firm specialises.

Efstathios Mylonas was born in Athens in 1975. He entered Athens Law school in 1994 and was graduated in 1999.  After fulfilling his military obligations, he did post-graduate work in 2001 (after exams) in the LLM program of Athens University (Business Law), from which he obtained an LLM degree in 2003.  He has been a candidate Ph.D. since 2004 in Business Law.  He moreover has an excellent command of English, French, and a workable knowledge of German.  He participated in many activities (ERASMUS, Praktikum) outside of Greece and he deals with all fields of the firm’s specialisations, and in particular the areas of Business Law.